• Las Almas, Bandoneón & Piano Tango Duo Concert

    Shack15, Tango night at the Ferry building Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 6 pm.

  • Las Almas, Bandoneón & Piano Tango Duo Concert

    Sf International Arts Festival, Sat October 23, 3pm at Eucalyptus grove, Fort Mason Center, SF

  • Las Almas, Bandoneón & Piano Tango Duo Concert

    San Francisco International Arts Festival, October 24, 4 pm, 2020 at Fort Mason Center, SF

  • Corazon Tango in SF Dec 2019

    Do not miss this dynamic and authentic new ensemble!

    With professional training from Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce (Buenos Aires), Corazon Tango presents the evolution of Astor Piazzolla's music, from traditional dance styles to nuevo tango. The program will include not only the rare original Piazzolla quintet pieces, such as Kicho and Revirado, but also his classical pieces, such as Villeguita and Melancólico Buenos Aires. They will also perform contemporary instrumental and vocal tango music written by Maestro Horacio Salgán, Víctor Lavallén, Leopoldo Federico, and many others.

    Well-known classical and tango violinist from Buenos Aires, Ahram Kim, will also join us for December concerts.
    Treat yourself and your love ones for the holiday season! .
    1st show: Saturday 12/14 7:30pm Sunset Music and Arts Tickets $15-25.
    2nd show: Saturday 12/21 7:30pm Red Poppy art house $25-30 (Limited seats and selling out fast)


    Hanel Yeon – bandoneón
    Sumi Lee – piano
    Ahram Kim – violin
    YoonHo Jeong – contrabass
    Maximiliano Larrea – guitar
    Teresa Tam – vocals

    Corazón Tango Sample Videos:
    Revirado by Piazzolla
    La muerte del Angel by Piazzolla
    Quinquela by Ramiro Boero
    Danzarin by J. Plaza - Troilo

  • Promoting, Booking and Managing Int'l Artists Tours Globally

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    "We help renowned and emerging int'l performing artists
    gain exposure to local audiences around the world"


    As a team of performing artists, we saw first hand the challenges faced by fellow artists in their attempts to establish a network and create the platform to share our artistry, and spread hope and happiness through music and culture. We noticed that even renown artists in their respective genres experience difficulties in promotional efforts outside of their own countries and cities, where they do not have an established network or a community to support them.


    The public gets limited exposure to performing artists of diverse cultures especially in the fields of non-popular music, and musicians do not receive sufficient support unless they have established a name for themselves through well known competitions and the social media. This problem can be further exacerbated if the artists performs a culturally unique genre that is yet to be known to the masses.


    Golden Gate Int’l Artists (GGIA), based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a team of passionate musicians, educators, and dance aficionados, dedicated to supporting artists in sharing their artistry, unite people around the world, and provide local audiences the opportunity to experience quality live performances of culturally unique music.

    GGIA renders performing-arts related services, including artist management, booking and various PR assistance. Utilizing our expertise in technology and global marketing, GGIA is establishing a network of diverse regional and international communities to support and promote its artists.

    We believe in cultural diversity and equal opportunity for all art forms, and we are enthused about supporting talented artists from all around the world to provide local audience with diverse music programs in high quality, live performances.

    We also greatly appreciate sponsorship and various kinds of support to lay the stage on which our creativity can be expressed and shared. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing.






    We work closely with Artist from around the world to help them:

    • Present, book, organize and promote performances, lectures,  workshops and lessons.
    • Network and collaborate with fellow artists and other local communities
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  • Artists

    Virtuosic tango pianist, arranger and composer

    Winner of Prestigious Gardel prize for his solo album "Tangos Para Piano" and considered among the best tango musicians of his generation.


    Huffington post: "Pablo Estigarribia has fashioned a distinguished career around the world as a tango musician, arranger and composer. He’s toured on several continents, as a solo performer, in small groups, and with orchestras, and has embarked on a fine recording career. Seeing him perform is a special moment. At his solo concert for the San Francisco International Arts Festival this month 2017, he received a rousing, and long, standing ovation." - Terence Clark.

  • Videos

    Danzarin & Desde el Alma.

    Solo performance in Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, February 2016



    Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzolla. Pablo Estigarribia & his orchestra, Nakano Sun Plaza , Tokyo, February 2016.

    Pablo Estigarribia NBC Interview on SF int'l Art Festival in English May 24, 2017

    Despierta, Univision TV.

    Morning talk show featuring Pablo Estigarribia and SF Int'l Art Festival 2017

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